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Little Lions Cat Cafe, NY

February 20, 2016. by


Cat cafes are by no means a new phenomenon.

They have gradually filtered around the world from their original home, Japan, where themed cafes are a big point of difference. Sadly, maid cafes with beautiful cosplay girls and owl cafes, with very cute owls flying around and perching on the backs of chairs have yet to make the transition beyond their borders. In fact New York has previously had pop up cafes as tie-ins for pet food companies, most notably, Friskies. Little Lions is different.



There’s a new Top Cat in Soho

As the newest kitty on the block, Little Lions Cat Café on Grand Street in Soho provides a genuine warm inner glow – not just from their extensive range of teas (the coffee is just the standard NY drip). It is a venture that uses rescue cats and kittens as cuddle companions in the hopes to raise awareness of their plight and to encourage adoptions. On this, the second day it has been open, there were six cats and two playful kittens present and around 15 humans.








At $12 for an hour of playtime and with ample toys to chase, coupled with a generous selection of pastries, it can’t be long before the place is full of crying children and traumatized cats – so get in quick to secure a place.


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